When we were young, life was a big blank canvas. By incorporating elements that take us back to childhood - adding a glimmer of gold here, a sparkle of sequins there. I want my pieces to feel like candy for your walls, a treat for your eyes, and excitement for your heart.  

I hope to invoke that inner child who loved color and make-believe to be brought into light through though art.  I blend the two together to bring you chic pieces that not only resonate with you, but also remind you of the beauty that not only surrounds you, but lives within you.

- Kathy

m y  v i s i o n

m y  s t o r y


Kathy Michon

Glimmer of Gold





k a t h y m i c h o n

Glimmer of Gold by Kathy Michon © 2015 |  All Rights Reserved

s o u l  i n s p i r e d

​​My art work dances with your inner child to rejoice in the beauty of sparkle and colors. It celebrates the essence of wonder & creation you crave to feel in your life, allowing you to release the energy of love & light that you hold within. It awakens the playfulness of your soul, your inner self that yearns to sparkle and radiate from your heart of gold.  

With a background in color, fashion, and home décor – I was inspired to create beautiful, original, and handmade works of art to compliment both the individuals’ style and their home.  I’m driven by the feeling one gets when they put on their most fabulous pair of heels and the excitement they feel once they step outside and feel the amazing possibilities that the new day brings. I thought to myself…why not feel that way right at home and accessorize your space with “artful jewels” and let your home be a reflection of your style too? It was then that I realized that I wanted to create signature pieces that incorporate a hint of sparkle, a pop of color, and most importantly pieces that truly connect YOU to your desires and truly reflect the sparkle in your soul - so you can feel the beauty in each moment that you create. 





G L I M M E R  O F  G O L D​

San Francisco Bay Area

California, U S A